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Justin Trudeau Is In India Right Now And We Think It’s Time He Made His Way To Pakistan

If you’re an avid follower of Justin Trudeau, which hello, we all are, you may have noticed that he is currently not so far from our side of the world. HE’S IN INDIA PEOPLE. Source: Paperazzi Via: Instagram INDIA! Source: Paperazzi Via: Instagram First of all, how GREAT does the …

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15 Of The Most Desi Things That Ever Happened On ‘Friends’

February 19, 2018 If you clicked on this article, you are probably obsessed with Friends and have seen every episode. What you may not have seen, however, was how Desi the whole show is. From the way they handle their relationships to their love for food, Friends is pretty much …

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Lahore Just Got A Museum Of Ice Cream And We Are ALL Screaming For It

In 2017, one of the major trends that hit the west was the Museum of Ice Cream that dominated everyone’s news feeds, snapchat’s and Instagrams. Sprinkles GALORE, baby. How BAD did you want to dive into this everytime it showed up in your feed? And though this side of the …

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