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Here Are Some GUARANTEED Ways To Trick Your Period Into Not Hurting Like A B*tch

Okay so, here’s the thing, you can’t REALLY trick your period into anything. It’s a bodily process, not a genie. source: deenga.com BUT, we do have a number of things that you can do to change the way your HEART FEELS. Emotionally. Because no matter how strong you may be …

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This Woman Has The Perfect Response To Those Who Think Menstruation Is A Taboo Not To Be Discussed

The ban on the release of Pad Man has opened up a very important debate in Pakistan.   People in Pakistan, mostly women, have become more open to discussing personal hygiene and are raising awareness regarding various aspects of menstruation This includes menstrual hygiene, the use of sanitary napkins, tampons …

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Hey Ladies, Here Are Some Foods To Help You Deal With Period Cramps And Your Murderous Uterus

Drown your period cramps in food   Sistas, there will be no judging here. I fully understand giving into the urge of binge eating copious amounts of junk food when you’re on your period. I personally want to stuff my face with chips and salsa until my blood is saturated …

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