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Maryam Nawaz Is Being Savagely Trolled For This Tweet About Her Bottle Of Coke

We all love to troll our politicians, there’s no dispute there. Particularly when the said politicians are in power and have been facing a few too many scandals for various reasons, it just becomes more entertaining, nahi? Something similar just happened with Maryam Nawaz, who often gets trolled by those that …

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President Mamnoon Hussain Was Seen At The Pakistan Day Parade And Everyone Had The Same Joke

As the celebrations to mark the respected occasion of Pakistan Day began, there was a grand military parade that started the day. At this parade, all dignitaries and leaders showed up. Of course, it also had the “head of the state” President Mamnoon Hussain. Now, we all know how President …

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The Fucked Up Story Of Pakistan’s Fixation With Throwing Things At Our Politicians

I came home from work a couple of days ago and my family has this habit of sitting down together at dinner time. My father has always been adamant that we all need to be together and attentive at that time, particularly because it is the 9pm news bulletin time. …

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Bilawal’s Beautiful Ode To How Benazir Bhutto Was An Incredible Leader And Mother Is Proof Of How Much Harder Women Work

While Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is currently chairing the Pakistan People’s Party, it’s no secret that he’s had to fill some gigantic shoes. His grandfather left a gaping hole in PPP’s framework – one that could only be filled to its fullest when Benazir Zardari stepped up to the plate. Source: pakistanpeoplepartyparliamentarian.blogspot.com …

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Shahbaz Taseer Just Got Into A Twitter Feud With A Troll And It Got Pretty Out Of Hand

So recently, Imran Khan went on air and said that he is the ‘most popular Pakistani EVER’. Some people weren’t too happy with this announcement. Among those people was Shahbaz Taseer: IK says he is the most popular and most well known Pakistani in the world. Lololol. He obviously doesn’t …

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This Politician Just Compared Lahore To Larkana And Lahoris Are Not Having Any Of It

A politician who doesn’t make whacky statements is not worth their salt, lol. Something similar happened with this politician from Sindh when she tried comparing Lahore – a metropolitan city – with Larkana – another, uhhh… city.   Shehla Raza is a PPP MPA in Sindh and is currently the …

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