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Prove You Are A True Punjabi By Getting An 80% On This Quiz

Share Tweet WhatsApp Punjabis – you’ve got to love them. They’re loud, borderline obnoxious, and flamboyant but everyone knows it’s Punjabis who are the life of every party. If you are/think that you are a true Punjabi, answer these 13 questions to find out if you actually pass the test. via tumblr …

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This Politician Just Compared Lahore To Larkana And Lahoris Are Not Having Any Of It

A politician who doesn’t make whacky statements is not worth their salt, lol. Something similar happened with this politician from Sindh when she tried comparing Lahore – a metropolitan city – with Larkana – another, uhhh… city.   Shehla Raza is a PPP MPA in Sindh and is currently the …

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