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Build Your Ideal Woman And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Female Celebrity Is Your Soulmate

Hey guys, how’s it going? Have you ever wondered which Pakistani female celebrity you’d love to hang with? Or, a step further, go out on a date with? Or let’s take it up a notch…marry? Well, we made a quiz for all the gals out there, and we thought we’d …

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Build Your Ideal Man And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Male Celebrity You Belong With!

If you could create your ideal man from scratch, from mere bone, from supple soil, then what traits would you dapple him with? Would you construct someone rugged like Humayun Saeed or Fawad Khan, or a leaner, quiet Ahad Raza Mir? Take our quiz by building your ideal man and …

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Answer These 11 Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Celebrity Is Your Style Twin

Our female Pakistani celebrities each have incredibly diverse and magnificent styles. They’ve become trailblazers for all of us, be it Mahira Khan always experimenting with her look, or Sajal’s gorgeous take on eastern wear. If you’ve ever wondered which Pakistani celebrity is your style twin, then take the quiz to …

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Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Drama You Belong In!

Ever wondered which Pakistani drama you belong in? Do you belong in the world of ‘Humsafar?’ Or how about ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai?’ Or have you dreamed of living in the days of ‘Dastaan,’ before all the riots and downfall of course. Well, take this quiz to find out if you’re meant to be in ‘Yakeen Ka Safar,’ ‘Dil Lagi’ or …

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Which Pakistani Actors Would You Recast In These Famous Hollywood Movies?

As a cinephile transcending industries, there’s always that wonderment of how a favorite film would turn out if you cast your own personal favorite Pakistani drama actors! (Don’t deny it, you’ve definitely thought about it). If you had the power, which Pakistani actor would you recast in an iconic Hollywood …

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Find Out Your Valentine’s Day Plans Based On These 13 Questions

February 14th is coming up and we all know what that means ~ Source: deenga.com And for those of you who don’t know what you’re doing, don’t worry – we do! These 13 questions are here to reveal your dream Valentine’s Day date, based on 13 questions. Hey, it’s easier than …

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