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Saba Qamar Just Called Out Our Society’s Hypocrisy With Her Latest ‘Smoking’ Hot Photoshoot

Saba Qamar has been slaying for a while, now. She’s known to always raise her voice when the time called for it. She was appreciated for taking up a role that most actresses would shy away from: that of Qandeel Baloch. And she was a big part of one of …

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This Pakistani’s Chance Encounter With Rishi Kapoor At An Airport Ended Up Being One Of The Cutest Things You’ll Hear About All Week

Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor have got to be one of the most iconic power couples from Bollywood. We’ve been seeing them around for as long as some of us were were wee little kids. And turns out, they’re actually a really sweet bunch to hang out with   Mubashir …

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Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Spoke In Favor Of The Ban On Pakistani Actors And No, Queen 😫😫

Kangana Ranaut has always been one to speak her mind. Whether it was when her scandal with Hrithik Roshan was making the rounds, she was very vocal about her side of the story   Her recently acquired empowerment has shone through movies where she’s playing a strong female lead like “Queen”  …

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You’re Only A True Fawad Khan Fan If You Guess 9/11 Of These Questions Correctly

Fawad Khan is an icon, a man who, according to himself, wanted to ruin a generation with his music. While the better part of 2000s was filled with headbanging, loud vocals, two men on drums and all our angst coming to life, Fawad changed his career fields and got into …

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