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These Couples Shared How They Met Online And Their Love Stories Are So Entertaining

Valentine’s day is over but it seems the celebrations aren’t. “#WeMetOnTwitter” was trending and it consisted of people and couples all over the world explaining how they met their significant others on Twitter and well, lol, how they didn’t. Here are some of the best Desi tweets of people using …

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Momina Mustehsan Just Went On A Valentine’s Day Holiday Alone Because She Completes Herself

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s busiest little din with love in the air – just a tad bit suffocating if you’re single (like me), and while I’m morbidly depressed happy seeing couples drunk on love, it gives me the strength to know that not everyone is celebrating Valentine’s day with a significant other. Momina Mustehsan happens …

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Find Out Your Valentine’s Day Plans Based On These 13 Questions

February 14th is coming up and we all know what that means ~ Source: deenga.com And for those of you who don’t know what you’re doing, don’t worry – we do! These 13 questions are here to reveal your dream Valentine’s Day date, based on 13 questions. Hey, it’s easier than …

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