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Build Your Ideal Woman And We’ll Tell You Which Pakistani Female Celebrity Is Your Soulmate

Hey guys, how’s it going? Have you ever wondered which Pakistani female celebrity you’d love to hang with? Or, a step further, go out on a date with? Or let’s take it up a notch…marry? Well, we made a quiz for all the gals out there, and we thought we’d …

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These Videos Of Sadia Khan And Imran Abbas Singing Romantic Songs Together Has Us Going 😍😍😍

April 8, 2018 A new budding friendship is forming between actors Sadia Khan and Imran Abbas. The two have been hanging out for quite a bit, and the besties are honestly providing us with an overload and suffocating (the good suffocating)- butterfly in-our-tummies-inducing case of feels.   And I know …

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Saad From “Shayyad” Is A Real Man Who All Pakistani Dramas And Men Should Learn From

‘Shayyad’ is well written, with all other dramas floundering unfortunately despite having promising starts. While most dramas have plateaued at most (excluding the thrilling ‘Daldal’), ‘Shayyad’ has remained to flutter overhead with stocky wings. Saad (played by Uzair Jaswal) is the drama’s pillar, and honestly what every man should be. He’s imperfect, …

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