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Here Are Some Of The Most Devastating Break Ups From Pakistani Dramas

While we have gotten so much from Pakistani dramas, like love and passion, lessons on family and marriage, and of course, some of the best pick up lines we have ever heard. But we have also gotten sadness and heartbreak. This time around, we’re not going to be talking about …

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Aisha Khan Just Shut Down Trolls Asking Her About Hamza Ali Abbasi After She Announced Her Wedding

Aisha Khan announced her one-year engagement to Major Uqbah Hadeed on her Instagram, and pretty much broke Pakistani internet, with countless of fans pouring in their heartiest congrats, gratitude for her contribution to Pakistani entertainment, all dappled with sentimental comments on how they’ll miss her presence on screen.   Aisha confirmed …

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Mannu Was A Spineless Idiot Who Tolerated Abuse And I Will Never Forgive “Mann Mayal”

Mannu from ‘Mann Mayal’ was an absolute idiot. While the play at most began faltering the moment Mannu and Salahuddin parted ways, you’d think a character like Mannu would redeem herself, given the leeway other protagonists were given in development, introspection and metamorphose. Her stubbornness and vindictiveness got the best …

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