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Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Taking The Perfect Selfie By Your Favorite Pakistani Actors

If you ever thought selfies were primarily a gal thing, then boy oh boy are you in for quite a treat. Pakistani actors are coming in strong in the fiercely competitive game of selfies, and they’ve legit mastered the art to the utmost perfection. Who knew our boys were so talented …

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#FinePeopleFromPakistan Is Trending And It Will Make You Tharki For Your Country

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you’ve probably noticed a few more selfies of beautiful people on your feed than usual. And when we say a few, we mean maybe a hundred or so more. That’s right friends, it’s a #SelfieNation right now. #FinePeopleFromPakistan look at my friends pic.twitter.com/ooXOy7d1PW — …

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Hassan Ali Just Uploaded A Photo Of Himself And Pakistanis Have A Lot To Say

February 13, 2018 Hassan Ali has had a good spell on the pitch and he proved his mettle as a class A cricketer, this Champions Trophy (remember when we beat India? :’) ).  He’s always had good banter with his teammates and he also likes to be quite active on …

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