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13 Khatarnaak Things Desi Parents Definitely Should NOT Be Doing While Raising Their Children

Nobody does family like Pakistanis. Family ties are a huge priority and most desi parents are known for their unconditional love and support – there’s no denying that. Still, it’s time we admit their parenting tactics are sometimes less-than-stellar and kabhi kabhi just plain toxic. These are some mistakes many Pakistani parents …

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This Woman Just Pointed Out What’s Wrong With The Misogynistic Views Of The Pakistan Navy

It’s actually kind of funny how randomly we can come across misogynistic view points. The general perception is that “if people are educated enough, they will not propagate misogynistic view points”. Surprisingly, or not, that isn’t always the case. Misogyny has this way of creeping up in our lives in …

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Thoughts Of A Married, Pakistani Man Visiting A Prostitute

The following narration follows Ali Khan – a highly unlikable man, as he visits a prostitute, capturing their encounter and giving insight into a sick mindset that exists in our society.   Walking through this familiar galli, I take in the scent of gajras and agarbattis mixed together. I’ve always associated flowers and …

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