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39 Times Ranveer Singh Was Just Too Fucking Quirky To Handle

March 26, 2018 If there ever was another inclusion in the list of the Wonders of the World, we’re pretty certain that Ranveer Singh’s name would be it. The man has the energy of a really energetic monkey after like 20 cans of Red Bull. He puts the Energizer Bunny …

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This Pakistani’s Chance Encounter With Rishi Kapoor At An Airport Ended Up Being One Of The Cutest Things You’ll Hear About All Week

Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor have got to be one of the most iconic power couples from Bollywood. We’ve been seeing them around for as long as some of us were were wee little kids. And turns out, they’re actually a really sweet bunch to hang out with   Mubashir …

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You’re Not A True Mahira Khan Fan If You Can’t Get 11/13 Of These Questions Right

Mahira Khan has been a champ, these past few years. She’s overcome criticism, hate, calls to ban her. Among all of this, she also delivered two stellar performances. One was her debut in Bollywood, opposite the King of the industry, Shah Rukh Khan. And the other was in one of …

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