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This Throwback Dance Video Of Saba Qamar Legit Proves Once A Star Always A Star

Saba Qamar really is a born star. There isn’t denying it. She’s one of the best we have right now, and not only do her acting skills propel her as a gem for Pakistani entertainment, her dancing abilities just soar her even higher. She’s confident, daring and valiant, often taking …

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“Alif Allah Aur Insaan” Might Have Dragged On FOREVER, But I Ended Up Learning A Lot From It

‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’ came to an end after an excruciating 43 episodes…yes, 43 long, long episodes with a painfully dragging plotline that at most felt tantamount to a thousand daggers slowly carving away your insides. It’s really quite disappointing, considering the drama started off fantastically well as it keyed in …

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Pakistani Actor Imran Ashraf Is FINALLY Going To Be A Lead Hero And I’m Not Crying You’re Crying

Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf has been one of those hidden gems, unearthed at most in the Pakistani drama scene for years. He’s a phenomenal actor, there isn’t denying that. His supporting role gigs have still toplined him as one of the best we have because let’s face it, he’s on …

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“Aakhri Station’s” Heartbreaking First Episode Is An Honest and Raw Glimpse Into Marital Abuse

Having just watched the first sloppy episode of the romcom-esque drama ‘Noor Ul Ain,’ I was hoping the man behind it, Sarmad Khoosat would rekindle my meager hope after what was a desultory attempt. There’s been quite a bit of hype around ‘Aakhri Station,’ what with its unique structure  – it’s meant to be …

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13 Times “O Rungreza” Made Up For Its Pathetic Storyline With Beautiful Visuals

February 8, 2018 ‘O Rungreza’ started out fabulously, and I loved the sturdy first few episodes so much I was certain it was out to gather all storm and implode a magnitude of awe-inspiring acting coupled with a fabulous tale. However, the story quickly fell flat, and what I ended up …

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