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This Week’s “Aakhri Station” Episode Is A Traumatic Glimpse Into The World Of Drug Addiction

*WARNING SPOILERS* “Mujhe apne jeenay ka haq chahiye” Source: Khoosat Films   This week’s harrowing episode depicts the piercing downfall and drowning aftermath of drug abuse. Pervaiz, played by our very own Adeel Afzal is the heroin addict who spends his days wallowing in his self-destructive cycle of drug abuse. He neglects …

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Iqra Aziz And Imran Ashraf Shine In “Tabeer’s” Incredibly Touching First Episode

There’s been a proliferating curse in the drama scene recently, with pilot episodes raising the bar for prophesying what’s to come, only to suddenly crumble in content and storyline. ‘Tabeer’ marks Imran Ashraf’s debut as a screenwriter and while it’s almost too early to tell if the drama will soar, the pilot …

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“Akhri Station’s” Brilliant Second Episode Tells The Tragic Tale Of A Woman Who Loses Everything

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead! ‘Akhri Station’ has been creating a lot of buzz since their first episode last week, and this week’s episode lives up to the hype. Episode 2 goes over how terrorism, misogyny and a vain saas ruin a young girls life. This week, the story follows the lives of Gulmina and Yusuf, …

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Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan Just Confirmed He’s Getting Married

Wedding bells are in the air for Pakistani actor Feroze Khan. The ‘Khaani’ protagonist revealed that he will be tying the knot sometime later this year. So, if you’re a diehard fan of Feroze and often found yourself imagining a future little romantic scenarios with the actor, then grab your tissues box. …

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Mannu Was A Spineless Idiot Who Tolerated Abuse And I Will Never Forgive “Mann Mayal”

Mannu from ‘Mann Mayal’ was an absolute idiot. While the play at most began faltering the moment Mannu and Salahuddin parted ways, you’d think a character like Mannu would redeem herself, given the leeway other protagonists were given in development, introspection and metamorphose. Her stubbornness and vindictiveness got the best …

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