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Pepsi’s Latest Ad With Fawad Khan Is Legit So Good And HOT DAMN, I’M FEELING THINGS NOW

It all starts with Fawad Khan being transported through time with a Pepsi can from the 80s. Source: Pepsi Pakistan   There’s a sudden influx of neon signs and a snazzy drive-in. The lighting, the mood, it’s all dripped in nostalgia. Source: Pepsi Pakistan And the imagery is WILD. Look …

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21 Pakistani Snacks Everyone Stocks Up On When Going Abroad

Share Tweet WhatsApp As Pakistanis, we all know this Facebook post far too well: And most of the time, again since we are Pakistanis, it’s either because we want clothes, a janamaz or food. SO, in the spirit of travel season and being Desi, we decided to put together an …

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13 Things Every 25-Year-Old Hates To Remember About Their 15-Year-Old Self

Share Tweet WhatsApp Whether it was your statuses on Facebook/Orkut or the way you used to style your hair with four pounds of gel, there are some things all of us can say we hate to remember from our ‘youth,’ lol. SO we asked around and rounded up some of the …

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