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13 ANNOYING Things You Hear When You’re A Girl Who Likes Cricket In Pakistan

Share Tweet WhatsApp Pakistan is a cricket crazy place and everyone who follows cricket knows how crazy the love can get. Source: deenga.com Of course, being a cricket fan as a girl in Pakistan is not always the easiest thing. In fact, it can pretty much suck. If you’re a …

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21 Of The Best Tweets About The Real PSL Sweetheart: Fawad Rana

If there is one thing that we have been consistently seeing in season after season of the Pakistan Super League, it’s that Fawad Rana has got to be the cutest man on the field, every single year. He’s always happy, he’s always got a smile on his face, and honestly, …

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The Internet Just Found PSL’s ‘Crush’ In The Crowd And Tharki Levels Are Going Insane

February 23, 2018 Pakistan Super League has officially kicked off and cricket fans all over Pakistan (and Abu Dhabi) are going wild with excitement. However, it seems as if instead of paying attention to the matches, fans just found PSL’s sweetheart in the crowd. Source: Zameer Maan Via: The Humorists …

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